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ING awarded Gold Class distinction for sustainability
Twelve ING deals awarded by PFI
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The Philippines is a newly industrialised country, whose economy has transitioned from one based on agriculture to one based more on services and manufacturing. It has a growing importance in Asia and was able to weather the 2008/2009 global recession. This was due to its minimal exposure to troubled international securities, low dependency on exports, relatively resilient domestic consumption, and a growing business process outsourcing industry. Primary export products include semiconductors and electronic products, garments, petroleum products, and fruits. The country’s credit rating has been raised to BB+ with S&P recently raising its outlook to positive. The external payments position of the economy remained strong on the back of resilient overseas worker remittance inflows and expanding IT-BPO sectors. The governance has also improved, resulting in the government’s expanded ability to face domestic and international challenges. As a result of improved governance and greater government and infrastructure spending, overall economic growth accelerated in 2012.

ING Commercial Banking (CB) has been in the Philippines since 1990. ING has a proven track record in the Philippine market and offers a wide range of products such as foreign exchange, derivatives, currency financing, corporate lending, mergers & acquisition, debt capital markets, structured finance, and trade finance transactions. Our local bank has arranged the highest number of Philippine capital market issues, and provided advice on the largest and most prominent M&A transactions. The Philippine franchise is a recognised top investment bank and has consistently won awards for banking excellence - Best M&A House in the Philippines by The Asset, Best Fixed Income House in the Philippines by Fund Managers Association of the Philippines, Best Foreign Exchange Provider in the Philippines by Global Finance (2012), and Best M&A House in the Philippines by Euromoney (2011). 

Our client focus can help you succeed in the Philippines. Whatever your banking needs, ING CB can tailor solutions that fit your business. A single point of contact gives you access to an extensive range of products and the expertise of product specialists and industry specialists.

  • Growing importance in Asia
  • Extensive range of products
  • Client focus – single point of contact – tailored services  
  • Network of product specialists and industry experts
  • Active in the Philippines since 1990


Country report Philippines

The Philippines report is part of a series of ING 2012 International Trade Study reports, which includes forecasts for 60 different country and 13 product group reports. These reports document trade developments over the past years and the ING forecasts (2012-2017) for future international trade patterns and business opportunities, by partner country and export product.

Download the country report Philippines (PDF, 1.9 MB)


Country at a glance: Philippines

Main economic and trade data in a nutshell, presented by ING’s Economics Department.

Download the report (PDF, 470 kB)

Corporate responsibility Philippines

ING: A responsible business

For ING, being a responsible company not only complements our long-term business objectives but it also helps to define our strategy, identity and the way we do business. Today, a responsible financial institution has to make investment and insurance decisions while taking into account a wide number of ethical, social and environmental issues.

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ING awarded Gold Class distinction for sustainability

January, 2015

ING has received the Industry Leader, Gold Class distinction by RobecoSAM for its excellent sustainability performance and has also been included in ‘The Sustainability Yearbook 2015’.

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Twelve ING deals awarded by PFI

December, 2014

ING has won twelve awards for deals in 2014 by Project Finance International (PFI).

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ING launches 19th Sustainability Report

March, 2014

Did you know we increased our sustainable assets allocated by € 845 million and decreased our carbon emissions per employee by more than 8%? These and other accomplishments are included in ING Group's Sustainability Report 2013.

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ING big winner of PFI awards

January, 2014

Winners of the prestigious annual awards of Project Finance International (PFI) magazine have just been announced, with ING Commercial Banking successful in seven categories.

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Best M&A House 2013 (EuroMoney)

January, 2014

ING Philippines had been voted 'Best M&A House 2013' by EuroMoney. ING has won this award for the 4th time in a row.

Report: ING Erasmus Top 100 international firms

December, 2013

On 18 December, ING’s Economics Department in cooperation with the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands, published the “ING Erasmus Top 100 International firms” report, a global listing of non-financial companies ranked by their degree of internationalisation.

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ING Best Commodity Finance Bank in Asia Pacific 2013 (GTR)

June, 2013

ING has been voted the Best Commodity Finance Bank in Asia Pacific in 2013 by Global Trade Review. This is the first time ING has won an award specifically affirming its leading trade and commodity finance position in the Asia Pacific region.

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Products & services in Philippines

Expand your business (0)

Acquisition finance

Undertaking an acquisition can lead to growth and increased share prices. ING Commercial Banking can help structure and finance your acquisition.

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Mergers and acquisitions

A merger or acquisition is a complex transaction that can yield big growth and profit. ING Commercial Banking can help facilitate your M&As.

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Finance your business (0)

Corporate lending

Loans give you extra financial backing to realise major investments. ING Commercial Banking can swiftly arrange the lending.

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Debt capital markets

Increase your capital and broaden your funding solutions by appealing to the debt capital market. ING Commercial Banking can help.

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Trade and commodities finance

Trade and commodity investing can diversify and stabilise your portfolio to ensure long-term positive gains. ING Commercial Banking can be of assistance.

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Structured export finance

Secure your assets through long-term structured export financing. ING CB will help mitigate your risks and structure your investments.

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Hedging risks well can lead to a steady, positive performance of your infrastructure investments. ING Commercial Banking can help.

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Metals and energy

Structure your metals and energy transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Commercial Banking can help.

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Natural resources

Structure your natural resource transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Commercial Banking can help.

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Power and utilities

More capital means you can upgrade or transform power and utility operations to better meet strict standards and targets. ING CB can assist.

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Telecom, media and technology

Structure your telecom, media and technology transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Commercial Banking can help – Read on to learn how.

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Transportation financing

Effective financing for your transportation and logistical needs makes for a more efficient supply chain. ING Commercial Banking can help you.

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Manage your risks and assets (0)

Excess cash

When your company has excess liquidity and is interested in investing this liquidity in the short-, medium-, or long-term future, ING Commercial Banking can assist you.

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Foreign exchange (derivative)

If dealing in foreign currencies, you are accustomed to fluctuation and risk. ING can maximise your returns and hedge your risks.

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Interest rate (derivative)

Take advantage of interest rate hedging to spread your risk and increase liquidity. ING Commercial Banking can assist you.

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Commodity (derivative)

Corporations with an exposure to commodities are confronted daily with price uncertainty in the volatile commodity markets. See how ING CB can help.

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Inflation (derivative)

Inflation derivatives help to diversify or manage inflation risks, and so to improve liquidity. ING Commercial Banking can help with our Inflation hedging solutions.

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Credit risk (derivative)

Credit hedging products and funding solutions manage credit and fund risks in both developed and emerging markets.

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Equity (derivative)

Equity financing lets you share capital, limit risks, and raise money. ING Commercial Banking has tailored strategies to help.

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Client clearing service

As an experienced SwapClear member with state-of-the-art infrastructure for clearing on the LCH.Clearnet platform (LCH), ING Bank has all capabilities and the track record to support your transaction, clearing and settlement needs.

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Service your operational needs (0)

LCs, collections and guarantees

Gain extra assurance and protection in your international trade transactions with letters of credit, collections, and guarantees. ING CB can help.

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